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DCM, French company at the root of the group, has been founded in 1953.
DCM gathers today two ranges of machines: DCM and ATN.Our company works to develop and manufacture machines for packaging converters.

These two ranges enable DCM to be active in two complementary market segments:

  • Paper and cardboard converting machines for liquid packaging and the tobacco packaging industry, developed by ATN.
  • Flexible material converting machines (particularly for food packaging), designed and manufactured by DCM.

Our conception of the profession

DCM’s role is to equip packaging converters throughout the world with high-quality, productive and easy-to-use machines. Follow-up and customer-service all over the world are an integral part of the long-term relationship that DCM has built up over the past 60 years with its customers.

As packaging is a growing market, it is also part of our job to assist new entrepreneurs with feasibility studies, advice and training.

Our strategy to win customer loyalty

DCM’s strength is based on the know-how accumulated on several decades.
The employees’ turnover is particularly low, a fact which guarantees high-quality service to customers and also enables the training of young technicians, thus progressively adding new techniques to the reputed know-how.

Our goal is to supply machines which are modern but incorporate reliable standard components well suited to the concerned applications.
In this way, we can guarantee our customers effective service for many years, a fact which is recognised by all our customers.

Diversified growth

Over the past fifteen years, the company’s growth has been ensured via the two traditional channels:

  • At DCM, to keep up with changes in the flexible packaging market, we have prioritised two areas of development where we have an internationally recognized brand: narrow-web rotogravure printing presses and laminators.
  • In other market segments, DCM was able to position itself very early and occupy a leading position, with the result that DCM is now one of the very few speciality machine OEMs capable of assisting its international clients with solutions for all their converting requirements.

With regards to external growth, ATN joined DCM in 2000, shortly before USIMECA, a well-known French

manufacturer of high-performance rewinders. With the three companies now united in as a single entity, The cumulative know-how has been organised according to product range. The design, services, supply and commercial assistance functions having been grouped together for greater effectiveness.

The Group’s two production sites have been expanded and are linked by a common computer network, thus guaranteeing flexibility and production security.

Organised in this way, DCM has positioned itself as a reliable and recognised supplier for packaging material converting machines all over the world.

Company history

1953 – Creation of DCM.
1957 – Acquisition by J. Fara.
1962 – 1st DRUPA fair.
1981 – Acquisition of Mecem (St Mandé).
1982 – Acquisition of SPAG (Herblay).
1988 – Move to Nanterre, ZI des Guilleraies.
2001 – Acquisition of ATN (Orléans).
2004 – Acquisition of Usimeca.

Machine history

1953 : CF1-70 : First DCM machine.
1960 : lm2-76 : More than 1800 manufactured heads .
1961 : First central drum.
1966 : EPO SUP : First entangler.
1968 : HL200 : First narrow web rotogravure press.
1975 : TU234 : First laminator with solvent.
1976 : TSS : First solvent-free laminator.
1980 : LAMINAWAX : First wax coating machine.
1981 : PANTHERE : First dual shaft rewinder.
1988 : ATENA : First narrow web rotogravure press for cardboard.
1989 : COMBI : First carriage type coating machine.
1995 : LAMINASTAR 2 : First compact solvent-free laminator.
1996 : SLEEVE : First shrink sleeve machine.
1999 : BIVA ELS : First electric shaft narrow web rotogravure press.
2003 : OFF LINE FOIL LAMINATION UNIT : Offline reel to reel continuous foil laminator (15 streams /flows).
2006 : INLINE FOIL : First inline hot foil units with ATENA rotogravure press and rotary die cutter : automatic register of foil stamping and holograms up to print.
2008 : BIVA 2 ELS : First 600 m/min. electric shaft narrow web rotogravure press.
2009 : E-RDC : First four stage full electric shaft four stage (deboss-emboss-crease and cut) rotary die cutter for board and paper applications.
2013 : LAMINASTAR 4 : First Smart Technology solvent-free laminator.
2013 : E-ATENA : First web fed electric shaft rotogravure press for board and paper applications.
2014 : BABYCAT 4 : Versatile inspection and doctoring rewinder.
2015 : SLEEVECUT 4 : Shrink sleeve finishing machine.

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