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Sleeve forming


DCM has been developing and manufacturing sleeve forming, gluing machines for more than 25 years. Today, the machines consist of several modules chosen by the customer in accordance with his needs: single, double superimposed or non-stop unwinder, single or non-stop rewinder. The main module for sleeve forming is unique.
With more than 500 machines installed around the world, DCM offers a reliable high-performance machine which meets the market needs. In addition, the customer benefits from DCM’s genuine support, market knowledge, training, start-up and follow-up.



  • Diameter at unwinder : 600/800 mm
  • Web width at unwinder : 810 mm
  • Diameter at rewinder : 600 mm
  • Production speed : 500 m/min
  • Formed sleeve width : from 15 mm to 407 mm
  • Adjustable sleeve forming table
  • Solvent flow slaved to the speed



  • Thermo shrinkable sleeve



  • Shrinkable films PVC – PET – OPS – PLA



  • Single, double or non-stop unwinder
  • Single or non-stop rewinder
  • Built-in traverse winding
  • Tear strip
  • Punching
  • Hot melt applicator
  • Flags sticking machine (bad production warning)
  • Width controller





  • Supply of spare parts
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Troubleshooting hotline
  • Moving of machines and realignment
  • Machine version upgrades





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    Complementary machines

    MAIN SPECIFICATIONS : Diameter at unwinder : 600/800 mm, Diameter at rewinder : 600 mm, Production speed : 500 m/min, Formed sleeve width : from 15 mm to 407 mm, Adjustable sleeve forming table., Solvent flow slaved to the speed

    EQUIPMENTS : Single, double or non-stop unwinder, Single or non-stop rewinder, Built-in traverse winding, Tear strip, Punching, Hot melt applicator, Flags sticking machine (bad production warning), Width controller

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