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LeanGroup company is the leading company for the production of laminate and extrusion tubes, which are used as packaging for cosmetics, personal care products, food, household chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

LeanGroup continue to expend and have launched new types of packaging that are in demand on the market : flexible packaging (sachet), self-adhesive and shrink sleeve labels.

In order to supply their customers with products with a complete cycle of shrink sleeve label production, LeanGroup purchased and installed 2 units of DCM : seaming machine Sleeve Evo and doctoring machine Babycat 4, which allow to seam the printed shrink sleeve web into the sleeve and to inspect the quality of the rolls.

“This equipment allowed us to enter the market of high quality shrink sleeve labels.” – LeanGroup company


Slitter rewinder

This machine was purchased in 2020. The equipment allows to slit a wide range of materials used, from thin packaging films 12µ to thick tube laminates 350µ at speeds up to 500 m/min.

Thereby, the productivity of the slitting department has increased, and the quality of cutting material in the thin films segment has been improved.

What are the advantages of this machine ?

This model is compact which is typical for narrow-web slitters, high reliability, excellent quality of cutting and material winding due to the use of friction shafts.

The installed Maxcess cutting system with cartridges allows us to switch quickly from circular knives to blade knives, which reduces wear on the circular knives.

The unique design of the cutting unit allows us to cut materials of different thickness on one machine, make changes quickly and set the size with high accuracy.


Sleeve forming

What are the possible options on this machine ?

Our machine has several options such as :

  • Automatic adjustment and change of the sleeve width during the seaming process. It allows to minimize the waste, to speed up settings and maintain tolerances throughout the run
  • A full width ultrasonic sensor monitors the sleeve width and adjust the forming tools accordingly.
  • The solvent detection device controls the quality of the application at high speeds up to 500 m/min.

“Convenient user interface of the equipment makes it easier for the operator to work with the machine.” – LeanGroup company

The advantages and possibilities for upgrading the machine

With the planned increase in production volumes, it is possible to upgrade the Sleeve Evo with non-stop unwinding and non-stop rewinding units using the “plug & play” system, with minimized investment.

In this way, we can significantly increase production efficiency and also reduce technical waste.

“We also received a number of individual options that are not offered by any other manufacturer in the serial production.” – LeanGroup company


Shrink sleeve inspection and doctoring

This machine is easy to use and allows us to detect and remove areas of our product with even minimal deviations. In addition, this equipment can rewind rolls of the flexible packaging materials without oscillation.


“The strength of these equipments are their modernity, equipped with useful options using the latest developments of contractor companies. A flexible approach to design allows us to add the necessary unique solutions at our request. The price/quality ratio is at a high level, overriding considerations for modern world production. Connecting machines via Internet allows us to receive software updates and first level trouble shooting.” – LeanGroup company

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